How it works

Using DROPBG to remove an image background is very simple:


  1. Take photos of your products. Make sure these have a clear foreground and a contrasting background. Follow our best practices here.
  2. Sign up for an account here and upload the images. DROPBG automatically removes the background and shows you the results. Optionally you can preview and edit your result in the Smart Photo Editor, and then proceed to download.
  3. Download your images and use them where you need to, your online store or marketplace.

Bulk Uploads

Yes, we have that also. Click the video below. 

How long does it take to process a photo?

It depends on the image you upload and the usage at the moment of our software. It can take from 4-5 seconds and up to 40-50 seconds.

How to add a white background to the image?

Please see our tutorial on how to add a white background to an image.

How to remove the background for multiple images?

Removing the background from multiple images is very simple, please see our guide and video here.


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