Photo Background Remover

Create perfect photos for your Depop store and sell more items

The DROPBG AI photo background removal tool will create the perfect photo for your Depop store listings. A clean background will help you present the items professionally and sell more.

Turn ordinary photos into amazing presentations with our help, save money and time with image post-processing using our products photos workflow.

Before After

Editable templates for Depop

Batch Processing

Add up to 50 images and batch remove all your backgrounds in one go. All our tools are available for batch processing: image enhancement, conversion and optimization.

5 tools in 1

With DROPBG you get background removal, image editor, image enhancement and correction, image optimization and export in the format you want.

Unified Flow

Use only one tool to optimize your product images. Remove the need to use multiple tools for every stage and improve your workflow listing your products faster.

Unlimited Storage & Backup

Keep all your products photos organized in one place and reuse them whenever you need it. Our Media Gallery helps you do that and more like edit, preview, rename. (*beta)

Auto Image Enhancement

Our AI Image Enhancer will make your photos look more visually attractive. With one click you get sharp images with better lighting, colors and brightness.

Optimized PNG/JPG/WebP

Easily export your products photos in web optimized lossless JPG, PNG, or WebP to improve SEO and Google search score. You no longer need other paid software for web optimization.

Click to view how to bulk remove the background from images.

Ready for Depop, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon

Displaying beautiful photos of your products is a must to help you grow your business and outrun the competition.

Add the final image to your Depop listing to stand out. Dropbg is a great alternative to other well know software.

You can view here a list of image requirements for marketplaces.

Product examples

Our background erase is perfect for types of products, from clothing to jewelry or sweets.

Perfect for any store

You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on editing your collection photos, with DROPBG you can edit your own photos in minutes.

Start displaying your products in a professional way

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